About Us

Azubuike African American Council for the Arts


Azubuike’s Arts & Cultural programs are about crossing boundaries and viewing things in different ways, enriching perspectives, while creating a strong foundation and long-standing appreciation for the arts. 


Our programs introduce Black Culture to our youth through the contributions of African Americans in art, music, theater, cinema, literature and history. Exposure to cultural enrichment fosters good self-esteem and allows our youth to become more responsible and respectful citizens.

Executive Officers
Azubuike Board President
Gaye Shannon Burnett
Azubuike Vice President
Andrew Larson
Azubuike Secretary
Roma Taylor
Azubuike Treasurer
Helene Roberts
Executive Board Member
Damon Colvin
Board Members At Large

Jennifer Larson

Paige Nagle

Joseph Obleton





What We Do

The Azubuike Studio offers Saturday morning art classes for kids, the Urban Exposure Summer Film program for teens and young adults, and screens Independent Films with Q&A sessions.


We are the home to the “Wrapping Ourselves in God’s Love’ African American Breast Cancer support group. We participate yearly in the Quad City Arts Festival of Trees and exhibit emerging artists at our studio located in Bucktown Center for the Arts monthly Final Friday open gallery event.


Our Mission


Azubuike’s Mission is to reconcile the racial divides that exist in our community by giving at-risk youth a voice to express themselves, be heard without bias, and spark a much larger conversation about race relations in the Quad Cities through the Arts.


Our Vision


Our Vision is to use the Arts to help us understand our past, show us how to shape our future while telling a compelling story about why our lives matter.

Our History

The name Azubuike when translated means, “The past is our strength.”  The history of our organization predates the official incorporation in October of 2014.  We the organization founders have gathered together all our years of experience as community members, activists, artist, educators, writers, and mentors channeling our passion for helping our youth and our community, into one entity of service, the Azubuike African American Council for The Arts!

Our hours of operation are Wednesday- Saturday 11-5:00 and Monday & Tuesday by appointment only!  We Are Closed Sundays & All Major Holidays!


For More Information: Phone: 563-594-2016

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